Isha Sacheti

Community Service


We went to different villages to inquire if the women wanted to work. So, we started buying materials for the products- mud diyas for diwali. We helped the women design the diyas, keychains, bracelets and also make baskets. We went to their village for 3 or 4 days and helped them make the diyas too. Then we contacted the people who put up the Aspiration exhibition and asked for a stall. After selling everything we gave the money to the women, who worked so wholeheartedly.

We also hosted a medical camp at the village and asked the villagers to get a free check-up done with free medicines too. Then, our next project was putting garbage bins at different spots in the same village and we also arranged a facility for garbage pick-up. Out recent project was a plantation drive where we went to a school and planted 100 trees and celebrated independence with the children of that school. This is an ongoing process and we incredibly enjoy contributing to the society every month.